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Analyzing current Fallacies; Peer Counseling on Writing Assignment

Dissecting current Fallacies; Peer Counseling on Writing - Assignment Example This is a circumstance whereby when one is related with someone or is utilized to somebody, he is believed to resemble that individual and grasps his belief system. â€Å"People feel that epilepsy is divine basically in light of the fact that they dont have any thought what causes epilepsy. Yet, I accept that some time or another we will comprehend what causes epilepsy, and at that point, we will stop to accept that its heavenly. Thus it is with everything in the universe† This is an eccentric contention and consequently erroneous dependent on numbness. I am not certain with this model. â€Å"We have arrived at a point today where work sparing gadgets are acceptable just when they don't toss the specialist out of his job.† This is deceptive dependent on the absence of comprehension or misguided judgment. I am certain with this case of paradox. â€Å"I had gotten excessively acquainted with the pseudo-Left new style, whereby if your adversary thought he had distinguished your most minimal conceivable intention, he was very sure that he had disengaged the main genuine one. This profane strategy, which is presently the standard and the standard in much non-Left news coverage also, is intended to have the impact of making any loud dolt into an ace analyst.† This is dirty pool contentions and therefore erroneous. I am not sure with this model. â€Å"Psychobabble endeavors to reclassify the whole English language just to offer a right expression erroneous. Brain research is the investigation of why somebody would attempt to do this.† This is a self-support and subsequently labeled fraudulent. I am certain with this case of misrepresentation. Coming up next is a case of the paradox of affiliation; ‘The Republicans are enthusiastic about this, as when they as of late attempted to describe Barack Obama as a radical since he is related with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. In the event that an individual knows someone with extraordinary perspectives, the suggestion goes, at that point that individual must be a fanatic too ( Rupert Murdoch: â€Å"Maybe most Moslems [are] serene,

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Foreign policy analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

International strategy investigation - Essay Example Allison proposes that utilizing this model might be too shortsighted to even think about explaining precisely the full elements of the emergency. One of his reasons in advancing the â€Å"organizational actor† hypothesis as opposed to this translation is that the State is definitely not a solitary element but instead a useful collection of individuals, procedures, and foundations that frequently demonstration with clashing paces of productivity and inspiration. As Sundaram (2011) composes, â€Å"An ‘organizational process’ model in which the chief works under time and data limitations, and doesn't look for an ideal arrangement. Rather, the leader takes part in ‘satisficing’ conduct and endeavors to discover an answer which accomplishes a set (least) objective, and limits danger of failure.† (Sundaram, 2011, p.22) Allison at last altered this proposal to a â€Å"bureaucratic politics† which contemplated the full intricacy of the administr ation in real life. (Sundaram, 2011, p.25) These differentiations show why the dynamic parts of government may continue contrastingly in an emergency versus during typical occasions. An emergency presents a basic circumstance that can winding wild at any second. This is found in the atomic heightening between the USA and USSR in the Cuban Missile Crisis. ... Basically, when the Cuban Blockade was executed by Kenendy, the approach would be actualized not by JFK himself however by a wide scope of instruments of the US organization, military, and countless fighters or staff. In the event that any of these people committed an error in the emergency, it could have spiraled wild in a way that would have changed the manner in which Kennedy or Khrushchev could settle on further choices. Think about the exchanges among Gorbachev and Reagan that occurred at Reykjavik and different areas during the finish of the Cold War. In coordinated arrangements at the most elevated level, the discerning on-screen character hypothesis appears to be a conceivable method to clarify history. However, in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the American Navy and Russian Navy could have traded fire whenever, making a Gulf of Tonkin or Lusitania second that could have prompted further heightening in MAD. Allison states he expected that Kennedy made an individual and private pro posal to Khrushchev that defused the circumstance, and verifiably he was demonstrated right. (Imprints, 1991, Web) This offer permitted Khrushchev to expel bases from Cuba with the individual confirmation from Kennedy that the US atomic weapons would likewise be expelled from Turkey. (Imprints, 1991, Web) Question 2: evaluate the viability of military power as a device for international strategy In an article composed soon after the 9/11 assaults, MIT teacher Noam Chomsky refered to the US Army manual which characterize psychological warfare as the determined utilization of savagery or danger of viciousness to achieve objectives that are political, strict, or ideological in nature...through terrorizing, compulsion, or ingraining dread. (Chomsky, 2002) What Chomsky and others have noted from the beginning of time is the crucial relationship of military power and the brutality of war to fear based oppression. For instance,

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Repressed Memories Essay Example

Quelled Memories Essay Example Quelled Memories Essay Quelled Memories Essay Quelled recollections may have been obstructed because of ‘repression which is the expulsion of undesirable encounters into the oblivious in light of the fact that the occasion was considered too awful to even consider recalling. These recollections can incorporate things from youngster maltreatment to seeing a homicide. It’s the effect on the psyche so it can adapt to what might be unreasonably difficult for the person to manage around then. Understanding that memory is anything but an advanced chronicle that accommodates an absolutely precise replay (Merskey, H.2010) is frequently ignored in the start of recalling a stifled memory and furthermore that a wide range of triggers are associated with the recuperation of subdued recollections. Triggers are another manner by which stifled recollections are thought to reemerge during treatment or potentially essentially anyplace whenever in the person’s life. A trigger can be as a taste, contact, smell and so forth. Commonly the memory is unconstrained to such an extent that it happens in a flashback, with sentiments to solid it as though the individual is remembering the second by and by (Seager, W). Psychotherapy is one route in that many can attempt to compel their brains to review the occasion all the more precisely (Seager, W). While most research centers around whether individuals recall or overlook injury, constraint, be that as it may, is a multidimensional develop, which, notwithstanding the memory angle, comprises of pathogenic consequences for change and the oblivious (Merskey, H. 2010). In addition, since analysis views restraint as a key factor in representing the turn of events and treatment of hypochondriac issue, important research from these two spaces are additionally considered. There are two sorts of recuperated recollections: those that progressively return in recouped memory treatment (RMT) and those that are unexpectedly recuperated outside the setting of treatment (Merskey, H. 2010). By having a superior comprehension of the two sorts not just advantages a person’s advisor to enable the customer to work through the recollections yet in addition they help to legitimize the memory and give it credit and legitimacy (Groenveld, n. d). RMT is a term which alludes to the endeavors to recuperate since quite a while ago overlooked or quelled recollections. It is regularly utilized when a customer is suspected to have been manhandled numerous years back, yet has no recollections of it as a grown-up (Groenveld, n. d. ). RMT has similarly the same number of supporters as it does the individuals who accept specialist cause customers to have â€Å"false memories†. Numerous specialists occupied with recuperated memory treatment accept that grown-up issues, for example, sorrow, nervousness, dietary issues, relationship issues, sexual brokenness, sleep deprivation, and so on are frequently brought about by a particular type of misuse (Groenveld, n. d. ). Recollections of that misuse are frequently accepted to have been quelled with the goal that they can't be recalled. Despite the fact that the maltreatment isn't recalled that, it produces a portion of the above manifestations in the grown-up (Groenveld, n. d. ). Albeit most recollections are recouped during guiding with an advisor who puts stock in them, there exist a developing number of people who have recuperated recollections outside of treatment (Groenveld, n. d. ). Much of the time, books like The Courage to Heal by writers Ellen Bass (2007) and Laurie Davis are utilized by a person. The methods are simply the equivalent; they are essentially directed (Menzel, n. d). The Courage to Heal has different qualities as indicated by book analyst Jennifer Menzel, M. A. Creators Bass and Davis (2007) look at horrendous encounters and offer would like to overcomers of these encounters (Menzel, n. d. ). A subsequent quality is that Bass and Davis utilize the word â€Å"survivor† rather than â€Å"victim. † This attempts to ingrain trust in perusers and assists with empowering survivors to effectively take part in the mending procedure (Menzel, n. d. ). A third quality is the accentuation on the realities of sexual maltreatment, however on genuine encounters of survivors (Menzel, n.d. ). Menzel (n. d. ) finishes up her audit of The Courage to Heal similar to a valuable bibliotherapy apparatus and is enthusiastically suggested. In any case, similarly as with any type of bibliotherapy, clinical judgment must be utilized when allotting this book in psychotherapy. One of the most curbed recollections is that of youth sexual maltreatment. Despite the fact that debate encompasses the general credibility of broken versus consistent recollections of youth sexual maltreatment (CSA), little is thought about whether such recollections contrast in their probability of supportive proof. People revealing CSA recollections were met, and two autonomous raters endeavored to discover authenticating data for the charges (Brockman, R. 2010). Constant CSA recollections and irregular recollections that were surprisingly reviewed outside treatment were bound to be supported than foreseen spasmodic recollections recouped in treatment (Brockman, R. 2010). Proof that recommendation during treatment conceivably intercedes these distinctions originates from the extra finding that people who reviewed the recollections outside treatment were checked increasingly amazed at the presence of their recollections than wereâ individuals who at first reviewed the recollections in treatment (Brockman, R. 2010). These outcomes show that spasmodic CSA recollections suddenly recovered outside of treatment might be precise, while ensnaring desires emerging from proposals during treatment in delivering bogus CSA recollections (Brockman, R. 2010). Still the topic of why individuals subdue recollections and can recover them sometime in the future alongside how obvious those recollections may be is as yet one that should be additionally clarified. Whatever the wording applied, be it suppression, separation or overlooking, people have an ability to not deliberately think about parts of their injuries for broadened timeframes (Middleton et al, 2005) are generally factors to remember for the memory. Additionally different components including the age at which injuries happened, the connections to the individual capable or the nature and degree of the injuries impact what will be available to memory (Middleton, 2005). Experts have the duty during an admission meeting to advance the topic of physical, sexual, and psychological mistreatment to the individual. The reason for this solution is that a clinician who asks passes on to the customer that the customer will be accepted and that the clinician will get together with the customer in working through the recollections and feelings connected with youth sexual maltreatment (Loftus, 1993). Getting some information about sexual maltreatment alongside a rundown of other previous existence occasions bodes well given the high occurrence of real maltreatment, however the worry is the way the issue is raised and what advisors do when customers at first deny a harsh past.  Brockman, R.. (2010). Parts of Psychodynamic Neuropsychiatry I: Episodic Memory, Transference, and the Oddball Paradigm. Diary of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry, 38(4), 693-710. Recovered May 6, 2012, from ProQuest Psychology Journals. (Archive ID: 2256258471). Groenveld, J. (n. d. ). Quelled recollections and Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT). Recovered May 8, 2009 from caic. organization. au/fms. sra/rmt/htm Loftus, E. (1993). The Reality of Repressed Memories. American Psychological Association, 48, 518-537. Recovered from http://faculty:Washington. edu/elofus Menzel, J. (n. d). The mental fortitude to mend: A guide for ladies overcomers of kid sexual maltreatment (third release). [Review of the book]. Therapists in Independent Practice. A Division of the American Psychological Association. Recovered from http://www/division42. organization/MembersArea/Nws_Views/articles/Reviews_Books/Merskey, H.. (2010). Attempt to Remember: Psychiatrys Clash Over Meaning, Memory, and Mind. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 55(2), 112-113. Recovered May 6, 2012, from ProQuest Psychology Journals. (Report ID: 1986429491). Middleton, W. , Cromer, L. , Freyd, J. (2005, September). Recalling the past, foreseeing a future. Australasian Psychiatry, 13(3), 223-233. Recovered May 8, 2012, doi:10. 1111/j. 1440-1665. 2005. 02192. x Seager, W. Schwitzgebel, Eric. Perplexities of awareness. Decision: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries Apr. 2012: 1458. Scholarly OneFile. Web. 6 May 2012.

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Life, Death, and Fatherhood in A Call - Literature Essay Samples

â€Å"A Call† Commentaryâ€Å"A Call,† by Seamus Heaney, traces the growing import of death, and therefore appreciation of life, on the speaker. By making a simple call to his father, he is thrown into a series of reflections on his father, as well as time, which force him to deal with the inescapability of time and unpredictability of death. The speaker’s intense reflection on his father, his joyful yet rueful process of weeding, and the inevitability of time and death, leads him to realize the brevity of human life and the suddenness of death’s â€Å"call,† producing an intense feeling of love for his father. In the first stanza, the trivial nature of the call, and the mother’s rhetoric, reflects the lack of concern the speaker has for his father. Presumably after the speaker has asked to speak to his father, his mother replies â€Å"hold on† (1), stressing the lack of urgency in the interaction, and revealing that neither party on the call is concerned about time. While the father is about to be summoned, the mother makes some small talk with her son, noting that the â€Å"weather here’s so good† (2). These trivial bits of conversation again highlight the two’s lack of concern for time, and the calm, serene nature of the weather reinforces the expectations of this call being a simple check in to see how his father is doing. However, the word â€Å"here† reveals that there is a distance between the speaker and his mother, and when the mother has to â€Å"run out† (1) to reach the father, the speaker begins to reflect on his father once thei r separation is highlighted. This state of reflection is accentuated when the mother mentions how his father â€Å"took the chance† (3) to do work, showing that he is not capable at all times to do the hard work that weeding entails. Though still quite healthy, he is not in perfect condition, leading the speaker to begin pondering the state of his father, however unjustified this worry may be given the lack of urgency or worry in the nature of a simple â€Å"check up.† In the second stanza, the speaker, intimately reflective in his recollection of his father’s weeding process, imagines the saving yet destructive nature of weeding, causing him to grapple with life and death. The indentation of the first line, which seems to literally stem off of the previous stanza, is a key piece of structure, which reveals the speaker’s constant flow of thought and progression towards reflection. Though the speaker does not literally see his father, he is so close to his father in spirit that he is able to perfectly picture him weeding, â€Å"[seeing] him† (4) in his mind. Still, the speaker is still not concerned about his father’s health, as his father is able to preform the difficult processes of â€Å"touching, inspecting, [and] separating† quite successfully (6). Despite this sense of normality and content, as he reflects further, he finds his father pulling the plants up which are â€Å"not tapered, frail and leafless† (8). This, albeit gentle, ending of lives firmly plants the idea of death in the speaker’s mind, an idea that he will become extremely preoccupied with as his reflection continues. His father, in this situation the bringer of death, is both â€Å"pleased† (9) by the removal of weeds, but also â€Å"rueful† (10). Though the father, by this weeding, is bringing about life and growth for the garden, highlighting the necessity of this process, he is also taking life away, which is inescapable in weeding and leads the father to feel regret. This necessity for death begins to instill worry in the speaker, and begins to manifest itself in his increasingly moribund thoughts and reflective progression, stressed by the ellipsis that links the poem to his next, grave train of thought. In the third stanza, the speaker’s inundation with the incessant ticking of time causes him to realize the unceasing and ultimate power that time, and therefore death, holds, no matter how tranquil a life may be. As mortality overtakes the speaker’s thoughts, he notes that he â€Å"found himself listening† (11) to clocks. This passive action shows the powerlessness of the speaker to ignore death, and its inevitability in both the mind and in life. However, the active verb, â€Å"listening,† works to reveal his current awareness of time’s passing, and his recognition of the relevant threat it poses. Furthermore, the â€Å"amplified grave ticking† (12) shows that the passing of time has taken a greater significance to the speaker, as when he hears it, it is â€Å"amplified.† The description of the ticking as â€Å"grave† shows how uncontrollably morbid his thoughts have become: death has invaded his mind, and its inevitability is all too apparent. However, all of this has happened in a place of â€Å"calm† (13), full of â€Å"sunstruck pendulums† (14). This is even more ominous for the speaker, as the unavoidable call of death can penetrate even the most serene, beautiful, and ordinary situations. This has a massive import on the speaker, as he realizes that although his father’s life seems to be in no apparent danger, which certainly will not prevent death from calling, when the time comes. This leads the speaker to feel intense fear for his father’s life, which is compounded in the next line as an ellipsis again connects the two and highlights the morbid flow of thought which the speaker is a victim of. In the 4th stanza, the speaker’s comparison of the suddenness of death in morality plays and the graceful nature of time and death at his father’s home instills fear in death’s unpredictable inevitability, highlighting the great significance of the â€Å"call.† Again, just as in the third stanza, the speaker is both active and passive in his reflection, noting that he â€Å"found himself then thinking† (15). His passive nature once again reveals death’s envelopment of his mind as he loses control to escape his macabre reflection. However, the â€Å"then† shows the constant flow of thought which is overtaking him, and the active verb â€Å"thinking† shows that not only is he again actively dealing with this frightful subject, and taking in its unpleasant implications, but also beginning to understand the significance of the call. This significance is made explicit with the allegory of â€Å"Death summon[ing] Everyman† (16) introducing the truly morbid idea of the unpredictable nature of death. In the morality play to which the speaker alludes to, when it is time for the unknowing Everyman to die, he gets a tap on the shoulder from death, and is instantly dead. This is the climax of the speaker’s fearful reflection, as he now fully comprehends the importance of the phone call he has made. Everyman being tapped on the shoulder stresses the suddenness and unpredictability of death, and the speaker connects this to his father, as his death could be just as sudden and unpredictable. Thus, the significance of this call is that it is not simply a â€Å"check up,† but could in reality his father’s death, because of the suddenness with which death calls. Once the true significance of the call is appreciated, the speaker can stop his process of reflection and deal with the unsettling reality of what he has just come to terms with. The final line’s intense outburst of passion reveals that the minutes of deep reflection the speaker has gone through has caused him to be overwhelmed by an powerful appreciation and love for his father’s life. The speaker’s thought process has been abruptly interrupted by the â€Å"Next thing [his father] spoke† (17), revealing that this intense willpower that he used to reflect has now been replaced by the pure emotions that follow. However, the speaker refrains from expressing his true emotions, and notes that, â€Å"I nearly said I loved him†. This abstention from brining up the speaker’s important revelations shows what he has truly learned, as if he had told the father of death’s unpredictable call, which could occur at any moment, this would frighten the father. The importance of nearly telling him highlights the power in the irony of what is left unsaid, as what is really important is to appreciate the beauty of life, and the m ortality of human life is what makes it even more special, and worthy of being appreciated. Thus, the purpose of the reflection is to show that what should be focused on and reflected upon is not mortality, which the speaker has been consumed with, but rather the importance and beauty of life, which remains for the speaker to appreciate in a silent fortitude. The speaker’s intense reflection and understanding of the significance of the call truly show the meaning of life. Despite his increasing worry over his father from stanza to stanza, in reality, his father is perfectly fine, reflected by the calm tone throughout, especially in the beginning, and instead of worrying about his father’s possible death, the speaker learns to appreciate the beauty and meaning of his life. Life indeed does end, but this is what makes it so valuable and necessary to focus and cherish its beauty while it still exists, and live everyday with an intense sense of appreciation for the life humans are allowed to experience with each other.

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Deforestation Effects On Amazon Forest Resilience

Trees and any plantation for that matter are often taken for granted as they provide many of the essentials such as photosynthesis regulation, habitat, food, and even save ground to build construction. However, as more people demand more, more space will be needed and cutting away the trees for humans to use. Deforestation is the act of cutting and clearing a large area of trees. It is the cause of extreme damage to the ecosystem and sustainability of life. Deforestation is negatively affecting the interaction between the water cycle, soil sustainability, and trees stability. There is a chain reaction due to deforestation. Deforestation leads to decrease in biotic pump disrupting the water cycle leading to a decrease in transpiration and†¦show more content†¦2017). Deforestation also indirectly affects the water cycle by disturbing the atmospheric circulation patterns. As evapotranspiration occurs in the water cycle from the forests, the water rises up to the atmosphere and the wind moves the rain. So when trees are cleared, the cycle of losing natural resources continues as fewer trees lead to less water to evaporation in the water cycle which decreases the precipitation the Amazonian forest need. This finally leads to more death of trees and the ecosystem within the forest. Zemp et al.’s result on forest resilience in their simulation supports that the Amazon’s forest survival also decrease as there is an overlap in Zemp et al.’s statement when they state that in their simulations, forest resilience decreases overlap with d eforested areas. Despite the evidence showing the detrimental effects of deforestation, Zemp et al.’s research focus on the quantity of the forest and deforestation, therefore, the research has a gap such that other geographical influences such as fertilization, greenhouse gases, and water use are not accounted for. However, Zemp et al.’s had gained more understanding as they have used other research papers, like [Spracklen and Garcia-Carreras, 2015; Lejeune et al., 2015], to close the gap of unanswered gaps in the deforestation issue. Although the paper hasShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Deforestation On Amazon Forest Resilience Research1852 Words   |  8 PagesThere is a chain reaction due to deforestation. Deforestation leads to decrease in biotic pump disrupting the water cycle leading to a decrease in transpiration and increase in temperature. Such rise in temperature leads to lack of rainfall, increase droughts and forest fires to which the fires will disrupt the wa ter cycle even more. The effects of deforestation on Amazon forest resilience research by Zemp et al. (2017), build upon previous research done in the field of forestry studies and usedRead MoreCutting Down Mother Nature : Deforestation2387 Words   |  10 PagesCutting Down Mother Nature Deforestation has been an ancient process that has been ongoing since at least since the beginnings of human civilization. It was both a method that focused on survival, but now the act of cutting down a wide area of trees has accelerated to massive proportions for mostly economic profit. Deforestation has already impacted the Earth in such a way that its forests and resources are running out at a massive rate. What had used to be a mere tool for survival has now turnedRead MoreClimate Change in Peru Essay1516 Words   |  7 Pagesthe second largest portion of the Amazon Forest Basin (US AID, 2011). Its heterogeneity creates such a dire situation for Peru in terms of climate change and the effects it has on each individual system as well as the effects on wildlife and human occupants that live in these regions. In Peru, the climate changes that have been taking place have led to several disastrous outcomes that include not only draught, but have also led to depletion of the Amazon Rain Forest, an increase in disease, extremeRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation And Agriculture On The Natural System1891 Words   |  8 PagesThe Effect of Deforestation and Agriculture on The Natural System The Earth is full of natural resources and it was generous enough to sustain life for living organisms on it for many years. By the technological advancement of the last two centuries and the exponential population growth, Humans needed to dig deeper in oceans and plant more land to sustain life on earth. Agriculture helped sustaining people’s needs in many fields and mankind relied on it for years. Human’s greed to get the maximumRead MoreEffects of Climate Change on the Boreal Forests in Canada Essay example1720 Words   |  7 PagesEffects of Climate Change on the Boreal Forests in Canada The boreal forest in Canada covers about a third the whole boreal forest in the polar region of the northern hemisphere. There are also other countries covered partly by the boreal forest like Russia and the Nordic and Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Finland and Sweden. In Canada, the boreal region covers about 60% of the land area, from Labrador and Newfoundland to the provinces of Alaska and Yukon. This area is mainly covered byRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On Earth2580 Words   |  11 PagesHumanity has had a substantial effect on Earth, one of the most noteworthy being climate change, with the significant increase in the concentration of greenhouses gases altering the climate of Earth (Walker and Steffen, 1997). The potential causes of climate change are a complex subject, with a wide variety of interwoven causes and consequences from both biogeophysical and human related sources (Peterson et al., 1997). While ecosystems have previously shown some ability to natu rally adapt to climateRead MoreThe Environmental Diversity Of Venezuela1792 Words   |  8 Pageshabitats, Venezuela is considered to be among the 17 most megadiverse countries in the world.† (Wilpert, 2015, p. 1) Yet, it is one of the leaders of deforestation due to economic and political factors. This country is home to extensive rainforests ranging from cloud forests of the coastal mountain ranges to the rainforests of the Guiana shield and Amazon basin. From Rhett Butler (1994), â€Å"Venezuela has more than 21,000 species of plants, 353 mammal species, 323 reptile species, 1,400 bird species, andRead MoreThe Objectives Of The Millennium Development Goals1521 Words   |  7 Pagesdecreased from 29.6% in 1990-1992 to 10.9% in 2010-2012 (UN, 2015). The World Bank is working together with the international community towards ending poverty in countries and boost incomes for people. It has been promoting agriculture and promoting resilience of communities against climate cha nge (World Bank). The international community together with the bank have worked together to provide pregnant women and children with basic nutrition services. The International Development Association which isRead MoreObjectives Of The Millennium Development Goals1523 Words   |  7 Pagesdecreased from 29.6% in 1990-1992 to 10.9% in 2010-2012 (UN, 2015). The World Bank is working together with the international community towards ending poverty in countries and boost incomes for people. It has been promoting agriculture and promoting resilience of communities against climate change (World Bank). The international community together with the bank have worked together to provide pregnant women and children with basic nutrition services. The International Development Association which isRead MoreApplication of Gis in Natural Resourse Management10836 Words   |  44 Pagesdegradation of their natural resources. Expansion in technology, population and economic activities have led to accelerated and unsustainable exploitation and depletion of natural resources (satapathy etal., 2008). This degradation, especially of forest cover has led to diminishing soil fertility, soil erosion, increase severity of the impact of drought, and the further reduction in the ability to produce food and other biological resources demanded by the human and animal population (ibid ) Nigeria

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Are There Any Aspects of Bp’s Ethical Culture That Could...

BP Gulf Coast Disaster and Recovery INTRODUCTION BP, formerly British Petroleum and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, has experienced a lot of ups and downs over its hundred-year history—from nearly bankrupting its founder William D’Arcy to becoming one of the world’s largest energy companies. BP has also experienced its fair share of controversies regarding business practices, environmental damage, and hazards to workers. It and all other large energy companies have come under fire for releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. For some time, BP has attempted to turn a page in its history book toward a more environmentally-friendly future through investments in renewable energy and a support of ethics and compliance†¦show more content†¦Simply moving equipment to the site had been a monumental task that could take months. To facilitate transportation of the oil, BP started building a pipeline through the area, and many of the necessary supplies had to be shipped from th e United States. In a time before paved roads, everything had to be hauled through the sand using manpower and mules. Because of the difficult mountainous terrain, the pipeline project took over two years to complete. The huge scope of the undertaking drew workers not only from nearby Arab countries, but also from India and China—all of whom were seeking work in helping to build the largest refinery in the world. By 1914, BP was about to go bankrupt again. The company had a lot of oil, but demand for that oil was low. In 1914 the automobile had not become a mass-market product yet, and companies in the New World and Europe had first-mover advantages in the industrial oils market. An even worse problem was the strong smell of Persian oil, which eliminated it from the heating and kerosene lamp markets. Winston Churchill, the British’s First Lord of the Admiralty, changed all that. He felt that the British navy, which was the envy of the world, needed a reliable and dedic ated source of oil. Oil executives had been courting the navy for some years, but until Churchill, commanders had beenShow MoreRelatedBp Deep Water Horizontal Explosion3148 Words   |  13 Pagesfrom a British petroleum company founded in 1909. After experiencing crises during the 1980s-1990s, the company started to have a cost cutting culture. During mid-1990s, with an aggressive growth strategy, BP started to grow and reposition. After BP merged with Amoco in 1998, John Browne started to serve as chief executive until May 2007. Browne repositioned BP as a â€Å"green† oil company after he took over and practiced the model of organizational decision-making strategy, known as â€Å"asset federationRead MoreBp Sustainability Essay28986 Words   |  116 Pagescom/sustainability 2 A letter from our group chief executive / 4 How BP is changing 6 Gulf of Mexico oil spill / 14 How we operate / 22 Energy future 30 Safety / 34 Environment / 38 Society Within hours of the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP teams were working to stop the leak. We also acted to minimize the spill’s impact on the environment by containing, removing and dispersing oil offshore, protecting the shoreline and cleaning up oil that came ashore. And we worked with wildlife groups to develop rescue andRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pages This page intentionally left blank International Management Culture, Strategy, and Behavior Eighth Edition Fred Luthans University of Nebraska–Lincoln Jonathan P. Doh Villanova University INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT: CULTURE, STRATEGY, AND BEHAVIOR, EIGHTH EDITION Published by McGraw-Hill, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. Copyright  © 2012 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Previous editions  © 2009Read MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 Pageshydrocarbons. And yet , eve of raw resources import n regions with plenty some form of energy. Saudi Arabia, for examp le, the world’s largest oil exporter, imports ref ined petroleum produc ts like gasoline. So if energy independence is an unrealistic goal, how does everyone get the fuel a world of rising demand they need, especially in , supply disruptions, nat ural disasters, and unstable regimes? True global energy sec urity will be a result of cooperation and engage ment, not isolationism When investment

Marketing Management and Digital Communications

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Management and Digital Communications. Answer: Introduction: Samsung Electronics is a South Korean company that deals in mobile phones and the general electronics. The company produces most of the world's powerful phones which are used by many people from different parts of the world. The company has recently manufactured Samsung Leader 8 product. This is a Smartphone with dual screen flip and some classic keyboard. The phone has a rear camera of 12MP and a front camera of 5MP. Thus it is robust and fit enough to satisfy the customer's needs of camera needs. Samsung Leader 8 also has programmable hotkeys. Regarding its way of charging, the phone has a new feature of wireless charging unlike most of the phones in the market. Therefore, Samsung Leader 8 seems to be a perfect product to meet most the current market needs of smartphones. Successful marketing of every company's product relies on the effectiveness of the marketing plan. Marketing that has been implemented well must contain information that reveals that current marketing state of the organization and the possible strategies that can effectively reach the market. The plan has the aims and objectives of developing the market brand awareness for Samsung Leader 8 in Australia. This is important for the Samsung because it will help it attain a bigger market ratio in the country (Kaplan Norton, 2008). The plan also establishes the possible market opportunities and the threats for Samsung Leader 8. This has been achieved through the application of SWOT analysis which provides important market information to help the company succeed in the endeavor. The plan has set the marketing and financial objectives for Samsung Leader 8 which is an important aspect in directing and targeting in the course. Further, the plan establishes the various marketing mix strategies that likely improve the sales of Samsung Leader 8 in the market. Thus, the paper is critical to help Samsung attain many sales of Samsung L8 in the Australian market. In analyzing the internal business situation of Samsung, SWOT analysis seems to be a fit tool to unveil the current market opportunities, the threats, opportunities, and strengths. SWOT is powerful in helping the organization's management understand the environment (Lee Law, 2012). Thus, the organization's leaders will be in a good position to make the best decisions for the marketing of the product (Ghazinoory, Abdi and Azadegan-Mehr, 2011). In SWOT analysis, strengths refer to the aspects that lie within the business organization that can be helpful to the company and makes it stay above other market industry players (Kim, Hayes, Avant Reid, 2014). Samsung has many strengths internally that can be helpful to the sale of Samsung Leader 8. Firstly, Samsung is the most successful company in production of the phones and the general electronics in the world. The company has an already established brand name both in Australia and the rest of the world. This is a strength of this organization. Secondly, Samsung an already established market share. The company has a share of more than 21% of the world phone market thus, a strength aspect for the success of the company in marketing the Samsung Leader 8 in Australia. Besides, Samsung has an advantage of its heavy investment in the research and development. This is important and helps the company develop what is fit for the market (Koen, Bertels Elsum, 2011). There are various factors within Samsung environment that present challenges to its operation. Firstly, the Samsung Leader 8 seems weaker and not robust enough in the market compared to smartphones from other industry players. Some of this smartphone makers include Apple, which has stayed ahead of Samsung for quite an extended period. Thus, has never managed to match the bigger market share and robustness of Apple's smartphones. Other companies that compete Samsung include many Chinese companies, such as Huawei which offers smart phone alternatives in Australia. Also, Samsung Leader 8 depends on the Google Android which is an open source operating system for this phone, making it inferior to Apple's IOS Devices. Besides, the marketing strategies employed by Samsung are not as robust as those used by Apple (Yuece, 2012). Samsung Leader 8 has many opportunistic factors that that can be used in improving its sales in Australia. Firstly, high current market demand for the smartphones presents an opportunity to increase the sales of Samsung Leader 8. Smartphones are currently trending in Australia and other parts of the world. Also, there is an increased demand for the general phones and tablets thus an opportunity to sell Samsung Leader 8. It is also evident that there is a big opportunity for the sale of Samsung Leader 8 which comes from the increased online market. Currently, phone and tablet companies enjoy more sales to the market in Australia and other parts of the world through the use of the online store. There is a growing market of customers who will buy the phone online using internet from wherever they will be located (Valax, 2012). Just like other companies, Samsung also faces threats to its business from different aspects. The main threats to Samsung's Leader 8 are the competition from other industry players. Apple Inc. presents a great competition to Samsung because of commonly known robust IOS (Vrontis Pavlou, 2008). Also, the company's Samsung Leader 8 relies on Google's open-source Android operating system. Thus, this presents a threat to the organization (Helms Nixon, 2010). Samsung Leader 8 faces competition from other industry players. The main competitor is the iPhone produced by Apple. The company has an established robust brand name more than Samsung thus giving competition to Leader 8. Also, there are many companies from China such as Huawei who produce smartphones that suit the customers in Australia and then sells them at a lower price. This has brought about competition in the market. A mission is the company's statement which explains its core functions, the market it targets, the reason why it exists and the organization's competitive advantages in the market. The mission statement is important and helps to communicate valuable information to its stakeholders. Samsung has a mission statement embedded in its philosophy which states a devotion of the company's talent and technology to produce products which are superior in the market contributing to a better global society. Thus, this mission communicates useful information to all the stakeholders of this organization (Hollensen, 2010). Marketing and Financial Objectives There are three main marketing objectives that this plan seeks to achieve. Firstly, it aims at creating the brand awareness of Samsung's Leader 8 in Australia and the rest of the world. Secondly, the plan aims to establish the potential market opportunities for Samsung Leader 8 that exist in Australia. The third marketing objective is to analyze the market competition that exists in the Australian Smartphone industry. These objectives are important and will help Samsung get a direction and focus on the aspects that need to be realized in the endeavor. Therefore, these aims and objectives act as a driver in the exercise (Mintz Currim, 2013). The plan also has three financial objectives. The first financial goal is to increase the organization's income within the next six months. It seeks to find the appropriate strategies that Samsung can employ to attain more revenue. The second financial objective is to achieve a wider profit margin on the sales of the Samsung Leader 8 within the next six months. It attempts to establish best strategies to ensure that the organization reaps the most out from the disposal of the phones. The third objective of this plan is to maximize the number of Samsung Leader 8 devices sold in the next six months. Thus, attaining the financial goals is greatly dependant on the degree to which the marketing objectives have been achieved. The price refers to the amount that the customer pays for the product. Price strategy is one of the key aspects that the organization can use to achieve its financial objectives (Fernie and Moore, 2013). The price of Samsung Leader 8 should be set to be fair to the customers and also be what the company can make a profit. There is need to do price skimming for the Samsung Leader 8. At the launch, the price should be set higher and then reduced as time goes by. Product promotion is one of the inevitable aspects of the successful marketing of a given product (Coman and Ronen, 2009). The various promotion mix that will be employed in the sale of the Samsung Leader 8 includes online promotions, whereby the company will reach the online community from different parts of the world. Besides, the company will use word of mouth to reach other people in the country and also through sponsorship programs (Hartmann, Nair Narayanan, 2011). Samsung can use the aspect of the product to win a huge market share in the industry (Henry, 2011). The company should launch the product in different colors to attract people of various color likes. Besides Samsung Leader 8 shall have other accessories like the earphones and headphones to attract many customers. Place defines the point where the transaction takes place. The company should make a distribution strategy of initially making the product available at the active economic zones and then to the lower ones. This strategy will help the company increase the sale of the phone to people of different economic status (Deng, 2009). There are various activities that Samsung can employ to enhance the marketing mix strategies for their effectiveness. Regarding place or distribution, the company should focus on enhancing the online sales through E-commerce. The organization should also increase the promotions using the digital sources such as Facebook and Twitter and also through their website. Another action program that can help Samsung to achieve its financial objectives is through designing a plan where the sales team move from place to place within Australia. Reaching people in person will leave a greater impact in this marketing exercise. Therefore, Samsung should run different programs to enhance the effectiveness of the exercise and thus, attain its financial and marketing objectives (Chase, Mackillop Hogarth, 2013). Implementation of the marketing plan is one of the key aspects that must be effectively considered for to achieve the marketing and the financial objectives of the company. Successful implementation of the plan relies on how well the marketing team is managed. There should be a clear role distribution in the team so that people handle specific responsibilities. Also, the implementation needs a regular communication strategy which is a critical aspect of effectiveness. Also, a way to exercise control in the exercise, regular monitoring and evaluation should be conducted to establish the state of the practice regularly. Conclusion In conclusion, every business organization needs a marketing for effective marketing of its products. An effective marketing plan should analyze the business environment, to reveal the critical information required to make decisions and take appropriate strategies. There is need to come up with both marketing and financial objectives and thus, implement action programs that will help the company succeed in the sale of products. Thus, a marketing plan is critical to the success of sales for any product or service. 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